ever discovering



discovering our story

Unravel What’s Pide
And stumble upon a pocketful
Of discoveries.

Discover friendships
That began with the partnership
Of a bread artisan and a taste connoisseur.
Bonded by a love for crafting flavours.

Discover Korea’s very own Pide,
A fusion of ancient middle-eastern bread
And inspired flavours of Seoul.
A unique blend of exquisite tastes,
Encrusted in pillow-soft dough.
A new journey in every bite
Possibilities in a pocket.

Discover Food for Seoul.
Kneading joy.
Handcrafting fun.
Always curious.
Ever discovering.
What’s Pide.

discovering our brand

What’s Pide (pronounced as "pi-day”) was borne out of a
friendship between a bread artisan and a taste
connoisseur. With a total of 11 outlets in Seoul and ever
expanding, we are the inventors, pioneers and creators of
Korea’s very first pocket Pide – the KO.Pide. Fusing
age-old middle-eastern bread with exquisite fillings
specially crafted for discerning taste buds, we are a
friendly discovery, an intimate adventure, in every
interaction, in every bite. Come and discover for yourself
a KO.Pide kneaded with love.
values promise

discover our fooddiscover our fooddiscover our fooddiscover our food

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What’s Pide is constantly looking out fotr franchisees who share our values
and want to keep sharing our discoverries with the world.

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